Our Philosophy

We see ourselves as a team and every employee as a partner who contributes to the big picture of our company by his own talents and possibilities. Taking account of the ideas and the experience of every single employee helps us achieve our objectives as a group.

For a long time, the only hierarchies we had were those represented by roles in projects. When our team had reached a certain size, a partition of the team and the introduction of team leaders made sense. But even with this new structure, a balanced cooperation of all team members is very important to us. Every team member is encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas. In our opinion, this is the best way to achieve the company goals.

We offer a friendly environment to our staff members where they can feel comfortable. We think that this work atmosphere enables room for individual development and great creativity.

With this unconventional approach, we gave many large companies a new perspective on the journey to meeting their requirements, and we always have successfully completed the projects we had been entrusted with.